There is a fact that everyone doesn’t know about it. A normal garage door which is only a single kind of door is having an about 58. 967 kilograms in weight and for those home owners that they have the double standard kind of garage door should weigh at least 181.437 kilograms. It is quite heavy, that is the reason why you need to know a lot about it. From the time that you have it installed to the time that you are going to have it inspected and its maintenance. In this way, it would not cause any troubles and damages in the future especially to your car and to the safety of your family. That is also another reason why garage door’s companies always put emphasize to the safety guidelines of from the time that it has been installed to your garage to the time that you need a new replacement for it. There could be a lot of safety and important features that your door in the garage has.  


A lot of people should know about the auto-reverse function of their automatic garage doors. It is important to have this kind of feature to prevent from having injuries that would lead to possible cause of death of some people. Before 1991, garage doors don’t have this kind of ability and feature and this is the cause of the death by most people who are having garage doors. Even with the home owner’s pet and kids were the victims of this. In America, they require people to buy and purchase those kinds of automatic doors with sensors. This is that start of the most companies to install a built-in sensor that would help the people with an auto-reverse functionality. This will totally work in helping the safe of the people. For example, your kids in under the opening and closing of the garage door. The sensor should sense that is blocking the door from getting it closed. This is one safety way and function that the modern garage door has. You can do a trail about this one by putting or placing a stuff toy under it. The sensor should know if there is a toy or even an object that is blocking the way for it to close. The door should touch the object and then sensor should let it know that it can’t be close because there is something blocking the path.  

There is another function that the modern technology has something to do with it. It is about the motion function. When the car gets inside of the garage, the lights would automatically turn on and when the car gets out it would automatically turn off. This is a good way to stop thieves from getting inside as they will be caught in the act if that would happen.  

Even if it the garage door installed is automatic. You can still use the normal function of it which is the manual. You can still use keys to open the doors and turn on the light of the garage if there is no electricity in your city.  

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